MIL Power develops and manufactures advanced power systems which excel under the harshest conditions.

MIL Powers goal is to provide our customer's with the best possible solutions for their portable power needs. MIL Power develops and manufactures advanced power systems which excel under the harshest conditions.

MIL Power IS Your Number One Battery Choice

MIL Power has specialized in the design and manufacture of high performance batteries and chargers for military communications, police, oceanographic, oil and gas and other demanding applications for over 15 years.

Recognized globally for our battle tested and proven battery designs - we provide our customers with safe, reliable, high quality manufactured products. We know what it takes to keep your equipment powered under any conditions. We build mission-critical solutions engineered to exceed military and industry specifications.

MIL POWER LTD, JO THAME, , KE507, 1794AS0953-/U, NSN: 6135-01-527-9592, 1794AS0953A/U, 1794AS0953; REV E LIMNO2 PRIMARY BATTERY FOR GENERAL DYNAMICS AN/PRC-112 SERIES CSAR RADIO, HOOK2, HOOK3, MAI-150801, NSN: 6135-01-664-9530, MAI-150787, MAI-150798, NSN: 6135-99-974-0853, 1794AS0953E/U, 6135999740853, NSPA, UKMOD, LEIDOS, QINETIQ, MAI-150484-1, BA-5312/U, NSN: 6135-01-506-6921, BA-5112A/U, MAI-150586, 1794AS0918, 1794AS0928-/U, NSN: 6140-01-622-5675, MAI-150745, NSN: 6140-01-622-5675, MAI-150750, NSN: 6130-01-622-5672, 1794AS0928, MAI-150430, NSN: 6140-01-572-0878, NSN: 6140-01-490-4316, BB-2590/U, 430852, NSN: 6130-99-241-7950, NSN: 6135-99-225-7255, NSN: 6135-99-425-1573, NSN: 6135-99-617-2805, NSN: 6135-01-556-7318, MAI-150589, MIL-145500, NSN: 5935-99-922-4483, BB-390B/U, NSN: 6140-01-490-4317, UBI-2590, UBBL02, NSN: 6140-01-553-3527, ULTRALIFE, UBBL10, UNI-2590SMBUS, NSN: 6140-01-554-2347, SAFT, SA12590, M32383/3-3, UBBL10-01, M32383/3-2, M32383/3-4, NSN: 6140-99-676-4908, NSN: 6140-99-919-6375, 1794AS0999, NSN 6135-01-478-3935, THALES STORM-H, 12011-2100, 12041-2100, BREN-TRONICS, BT-70790, BT-70791A, BT-70791BK, BT-70791CE, BT-70791CG, BT-70791CK, BT-70791BE, BT-70791BG, MIL-SPEC, MIL-PRF-32052/1, TRCECOMBB01, BB-287/U, TOW GUN, NSN: 6140-00-454-8261, BOWMAN, NSN: 6140-99-746-4480, DENCHI, NSN: 6130-99-342-1238, 6130-99-241-7950, NSN: 6140-99-316-3965, NSN: 6140-99-549-9072, SINCGARS, ATC, AN/PRC-104, AN/PRC-119, FALCON ANPRC-138, AN/PRC-117, JAVELIN, LRAS, ROBOTS, SURVEILLANCE, SENSORS, SUREFIRE HELLFIGHTER, BB-285/U, BB-2847/U, BB-586/U, BB-590/U, BB-390A/U, C8058, C8057, BA-3186, BA30, PS28, BBLA6, MA4025, MIL/MCT-4480, NSN: 6140-99-746-4480, MIL/MCT-2590, NSN: 6130-99-897-2903, MIL/MC20, CH0003, MIL/MC6-90D, CH0004, MIL/MC2-90D, MIL/MC3008, MIL/MC3005, NSN 6140-01-633-9444, MIL-PRF-32383, MIL-PRF-32383_3, MIL-PRF-32383, US MIL SPEC, SC-C-179495, SM-D-687888, MIL/217008, MIL/202118, MIL-PRF-32052/1(CR), MIL-PRF-32052/1(CR) amendment 1, NSN 6140-01-490-4316.

Printing on the side of BB-2590/U batteryConnector view of BB-2590/U battery
Our NEW High Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
BB-2590/U-HC has 10.2Ah per section capacity and a total energy of 294Wh while our NEW low temperature BB-2590/U-LT Lithium Ion battery operates down to -30
oC. The NEW ruggedized case construction is robust and exceeds the MIL-SPEC requirements. The dual state of charge indicators (SOCI) provide an instant check of the battery's charge.
The BB-2590/U family of batteries is fully compliant with the SMBus specification.

Printing on rechargeable MAI-150745 Hook 2 batteryMAI-150750 charger for the MAI-150745 battery3 1794AS0953E/U PRC-112G batteries
Our NEW High Power rechargeable MAI-150745 Lithium Ion battery and 10 bay charger MAI-150750 to compliment the existing 1794AS0953E/U, NSN: 6135-99-974-0853, 5J/6135999740853 and NSN: 6135-01-527-9592
non-rechargeable Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery. These are specifically designed to support
the General Dynamics Hook 2 G, AN/PRC-112G, and all other PRC-112 survival radios, KY-913, and GPS-112 Program Loader.

Top of BB-2590/U battery showing the gas gaugesMIL/MCT-2590 top hat charger for the BB-2590, BB-390 and BB-590 batteriesBB-390B/U NiMH battery
MIL Power's rechargeable Lithium Ion battery BB-2590/U SMBus, NSN: 6140-01-490-4316, our Nickel Metal Hydride battery BB-390B/U, NSN: 6140-01-490-4317, and our Nickel Cadmium battery
BB-590/U, NSN: 6140-01-063-3918 are durable, versatile and exceed the MIL-SPEC requirements.
Typical applications include SINCGARS & ATCS (AN/PRC-104, AN/PRC-119), FALCON (AN/PRC-138, AN/PRC-117), Robots, Surveillance/Sensors, KY-57, MXF430(V), AN/PSC-5, M22, JAVELIN and LRAS.

The MIL/MCT-2590, NSN: 6130-99-897-2903, triple chemistry Top Hat Charger is a dedicated easy to use and robust single station charger for the BB-2590/U family, BB-390B/U and BB-590/U batteries.

MIL Power set the standards others follow

The number one choice for military organizations and OEM's worldwide. Our focus has always been on delivering quality product and service to our most important asset, the customer.
We design and manufacture high-reliability products for military/defense and aerospace applications.Today's military forces need to be highly mobile, versatile and able to operate effectively under a wide range of challenges.By expanding and adapting our product lines, we have expanded our markets.
MIL Power manufacture one of the world's largest selection of high-performance military and MIL-approved batteries. We are committed to total quality in our world-class manufacturing facilities where our experienced engineers can provide the right battery solution.
We work with armies world-wide to develop products.Twist on radio battery connectorMIL Power's goal is to provide our customer's with the best possible solutions.
MIL Power is a leader in developing and manufacturing portable power solutions designed specifically for use in harsh environments. Our goal is to provide our customer's with the best possible solutions for their portable power needs.

High performance rechargeable Lithium Ion BB-2590/U battery with the number one charger choice, MIL Power's World Class Top Hat Charger.MAI/MPL manufacture the world's largest selection of high-performance military and MIL-approved batteries. Cougarnet PRM4720/4515 radio model with MA-4516A battery

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Soldier carrying electonic equipment to a truck
Military Battery Chargers
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Military Battery Chargers.

MAI/MPL are leaders in developing and manufacturing portable charger solutions designed specifically for use in harsh environments. MAI/MPL serve both military and commercial interests, domestically and internationally.

Our military batteries and military battery chargers meet the high stress demands of combat being both durable and easy to use in the field, both of which are vital components of military equipment. MIL Power is uniquely positioned to deliver portable power and charging systems that meet the demanding challenges of military service.

We offer our customers truly personalized service and flexible solutions tailored to meet their individual business needs.
MAI/MPL have all the necessary disiplines in-house, with our own experienced electrical, mechanical, software, manufacturing and production engineers.
MAI/MPL have been chosen to design battery and charging solutions for world-wide programs.

MIL Power's Bowman Battery Charger for 14.4V military Lithium Ion Batteries.
Will charge 2 HF or 5 VHF Bowman batteries using plug in leads.

MIL Power has grown into one of the world's leaders for manufacturing military batteries and charging systems. MIL Power has superior product quality.

Military Battery Charging Systems, Multipurpose Military Battery Chargers, Dedicated Military Battery Chargers, Trickle Chargers for Military Batteries, Rapid Chargers for Military Batteries, Military Battery Re-Conditioners, Military Battery Analysers, Military Battery Portable Chargers, Military Battery Vehicle Mounted Chargers, Military Battery Charge On The Move Chargers, Universal Military Portable Battery Chargers, Multi-Way Military Battery Chargers.

MAI/MPL offer our customers truly personalized service and flexible solutions tailored to meet their individual business needs. MIL/CH002 battery charger for MAI/MPL is a world-leading manufacturer of military batteries and charger systems for extreme environment applications.
Lithium Manganese Dioxide Technology
Lithium Ion Technology

MIL Power has proved its ability to produce high efficent and reliable products, recognised in many countries all over the world.MIL Power has proved its ability to produce high efficent and reliable products, recognised in many countries all over the world.MIL/MCT-2590 top hat charger with BB-390, BB-2590 and BB-590 rechargeable batteries

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Top hat charger with various battery chemistries

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MAI/MPL are world-leading manufacturers of miliary batteries and charger systems for extreme environment applications.MIL Power have been chosen to design charging systems for world-wide programs.
MAI/MPL product range can withstand the rugged military use where equipment is required to operate in extreme conditions.

MIL Power - where quality matters

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